We offer a range of options from simple 2D black and white floor plans to more distinctive 3D, furnished, colour floor plans with

dynamic lighting effects.

Published research from Right Move suggests that floor plans are one of the most important aspects of property presentation to  buyers with over a third of buyers 'less likely to enquire about a property without a floor plan.'


Perhaps more alarming was that '1 in 5 buyers would ignore a property listing completely' if there was no floor plan available to them.

Our RICS compliant floor plans are produced by our highly trained and experienced technicians employing precise laser measurement technology and the latest ipad software.


Using this technology allows us to provide our clients with customisable and accurate floor plans with detailed measurements and square footage within twenty-four hours from our visit.

Floor plans have become an essential part of property marketing and an invaluable tool from which buyers can ascertain a property's layout, flow and room dimensions.

Image of ground floor 2D plan
Example of first floor 2D plan


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